About the artist Horitamotsu

Since 1992, Horitamotsu is a professional irezumi (tattoo) artist specializing in the Japanese Traditional style. This art is also known as wabori.

Over his career, he worked many years in the United States where he could learn and get many experiences. He had the chance to work around some of the best tattooers.

He can do many styles of tattoo, but his main purpose is to maintain the tradition of wabori and he follow the influence of the great master Horitsune II in his art.

Now back in Japan, in the city of Hiroshima he raise his family and work in his private tattoo studio. Also he travel to Europe, Taiwan and all around Japan to work in his friends shop.

All the equipment is sterilized and single use, please contact us by mail or phone to get an appointment, we will make our best for you to get a good tattoo in a comfortable environment.

1992年彫保 日本伝統刺青師としての稼業をはじめる。


彼は様々なスタイルを学び実践していたが、最大の影響を受けたのは大阪 日本橋 黒門市場に仕事場を構えていた二代目 彫常の作品であった。